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Health & Safety Policy


Please, download the current version of our Health & Safety Policy. Historical versions of our Health & Safety Policy are available on request.


At Quintas Group we recognise our duties under current health and safety legislation and we will endeavour to meet the requirements of this legislation and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Our Management and Supervisory team are informed of their responsibilities to ensure they take all reasonable precautions, to ensure the safety, health and welfare of those that are likely to be affected by the operation of our business.

Quintas Group adopts a Management System approach for occupational health and safety and environmental protection to guarantee its results with a focus on sustainability and continuous improvement in all its processes.

This approach is based on the values of social responsibility, health and safety protection, respect for people, teamwork, respect for the environment, technical excellence and consistency in the execution of engineering work with an open mind to incorporate cutting-edge solutions.

A commitment to our customers, employees and interested parties

  • Promote a process approach, understand the context of the Organization and apply risk-based thinking, which enables; minimize negative effects, maximize the use of opportunities, achieve intended results and adapt to the changes.
  • Incorporate the most demanding standards to respond to a highly competitive market, ensure the conformity of its products and services (projects) and promote a focus on increasing customer satisfaction and responding to the needs and expectations of its interested parties.
  • Develop its commitment to protecting the environment, through the prevention of pollution, the sustainable use of natural resources and the promotion of energy efficiency and a low-carbon economy. 
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and health impairments, with a commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to safety and health at work.
  • Encourage consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.
  • Ensure the Organization's compliance with applicable requirements, including both legal and regulatory requirements and other requirements to which it subscribes. 
  • Achieve continuous improvement in management and performance in terms of quality, environment and occupational health and safety.

This policy supports the strategic direction of the Organization, serves as a reference for establishing objectives and is required in all areas of activity. It applies to all activities, departments and areas of activity that are part of Quintas Group.

The Company's Management guarantees the availability of the resources necessary for its compliance and requests all people who work on behalf of the Organization to actively participate and contribute to the effectiveness of the Management System.