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We optimise green energy investments

Accelerating the energy transition is the driving force behind our Asset Management expertise. We aim to provide our partners with effective services to maximise the performance and profitability of their green assets over time.


The acceleration of some investors towards multi-GW scale portfolios across several jurisdictions and technologies reinforces specific trends in Asset Management. At Quintas, our people and systems have addressed these to provide you with the most advanced and complete service packages, which will allow you to boost your investments.

The Energy of the Future is Digital The future for green energy producing assets is digitalisation. As a result, Data Management is an integral part of our core services. Without it, owners are blind.  
In Renewables, the hunt for value is essential Post-subsidy renewables will need to be efficient. They will demand a high level of control and intense decision-making processes to allow any investment to become profitable and secure.  
Asset Management as an integrated service In distributed generation models,  Asset Management is about managing contractors and generating plants - without forgetting that green assets are part of a grid that is always changing.  


Our understanding of renewable energy in the countries where we are active, combined with our unique Engineering, Financial and Legal skillset, are at your service to create value through superior management.

4,000+ Total megawatts under management.
400+ Installations managed worldwide.
200+ Million euros of income flow managed every year.
150+ Contractors we coordinate with daily.

Technical Asset Management

The basis of real Asset Management is having a deep knowledge of the assets themselves. This includes their technical characteristics, design configuration and construction. Read More
Technical Asset Management

Commercial Asset Management

Minimising contractual risks and enforcing contractual rights translates into protecting revenues. We aim to support our clients by providing financial and legal insights to mitigate risks, promote their strategic objectives, and extract the maximum value from their projects. We are an asset manager that truly speaks Finance and Legal. Read More
Commercial Asset Management

Control Room

Distributed energy is changing the way we harness green energy producing assets. Round-the-clock monitoring allows for performance-related issues to be identified in real-time, ensuring a proactive management approach. Our Control Room improves asset performance by optimising energy trading and income flows, creating a smarter relationship between the grid and the renewable energy assets. Read More
Control Room AUS-14-Featured


So how much does an Asset Management service really cost? We thought it would be a good idea to break the mould of our typically ambiguous market by showing you the prices of our Asset Management packages. These packages will help you access the full potential of your investments by providing a transparent service at a price that is tailored to your specific needs.


Designed for investors looking for a comprehensive support service to control their critical processes and fundamental rights and obligations.


The Premium package provides you with additional specific services across your portfolio related to aspects of accounting, technical reports and legal support that go beyond our Manager Package.

* The fees above are indicative only and show the likely price of managing a typical Spanish portfolio of ten solar farms, and their respective SPVs, in a service contract of ten (10) years’ duration. All fees are shown exclusive of VAT and further Terms & Conditions may apply.