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Are your projects actually feasible?

We deliver asset-centric feasibility studies to help you make your renewable energy development plans and energy storage solutions a success. Our team will provide you with vital support to analyse the feasibility of any of your projects.


Our solar feasibility studies help developers and investors determine whether a location is technically and financially viable for installing a solar project, a BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems), or a hybrid project. As the requirements vary from country to country, you may need to assess different legal and regulatory frameworks to develop solar farms in certain countries. At Quintas Advisory, we can provide you with the necessary support to analyse the feasibility of your specific project. Our team of consultants have a solid track record in assessing project suitability and will help you make your plans a success.

An integrated approach

Our feasibility studies cover a broad range of areas, all essential to secure your project’s technical, regulatory, and financial viability. Our team of consultants will give you the necessary support to help you face any potential risks and will perform the required modifications on time before you commit to investing.
4mm-001-Feasibility Study Report


Our feasibility study processes are customised to meet your needs, analysing crucial factors relating to your specific circumstances, and ensuring your project is viable for a secure investment. We will help you identify suitable land for development and provide a detailed location evaluation for your plant installation or storage system. We will highlight potential site constraints, such as shading or topography, through our accurate in-house 3D image modelling system. We will also support you with grid applications, liaison with planning authorities, local contractors and other stakeholders, along with the negotiation of exclusivity agreements and lease options.

Location Study
Our team will identify suitable land for development and make initial contact with landowners. We will assess and visit (if required) the proposed location to confirm its viability for development.
Design Assessment
We deliver detailed PVsyst analysis using 3D imagery to access the technical characteristics of the available land, based on pre-agreed assumptions.
Components Analysis
Our technical advisors conduct in-depth analysis of your site’s components and offer independent guidance when selecting suppliers.
Financial Model
We guide our clients during the production of a financial model that will include all the main assumptions reached in the feasibility study.
Storage Expertise
We will identify potential planning roadblocks with our dedicated feasibility assessments for solar storage projects. We help limit risks and identify issues early with the support of our in-house energy storage modelling tool.
Grid Access
Our technical consultants will liaise with the grid operators on your behalf and help with preparing and submitting the grid application.


Lay the foundations for a successful solar PV, battery storage or hybrid project through our accurate feasibility study services. Connect with our team of experts to solve any issues or questions you may have. We would love to hear from you!