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Terms of Use

These are the general terms and conditions on which we supply all our content and services. Please check them out as by using this website you agree to these terms of use. 

Access to Quintas Energy’s website and its contents is free and voluntary for its users, who are subject to the following conditions with respect to services and contents contained therein.

1.- Quintas Energy has created this website using information from both internal and external sources and does not guarantee either the thoroughness or accuracy of all the information.

2.- Quintas Energy is not liable for improper use of the website’s content, such being the sole responsibility of the person who accesses or makes use of the aforementioned content. Quintas Energy is not held responsible for the information contained in third-party websites that can be accessed by means of links or browsers.

3.- The presence of links in the Quintas Energy website serves a mere informational purpose and in no case implies suggestion, invitation, or recommendation regarding the same. Quintas Energy does not assume any kind of responsibility with respect to the exchange of information among users by means of its website. Liability for statements published in websites lies with those who make them.

4.- Quintas Energy will not be held liable for any damages or harm resulting from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone line malfunctions or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system; Quintas Energy is neither responsible for delays or blockages in the use of this electronic system due to deficiencies or saturation of telephone lines or overloading on the Internet system, or other electronic systems, nor for damages that may be caused by third parties through illegal interference beyond the control of Quintas Energy. Quintas Energy is also exonerated from liability for any harm or damages that the user may experience as the result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by Quintas Energy derived from external sources.

5.- Quintas Energy may, whenever deemed opportune and without previous notice, unilaterally modify the structure and design of the website, as well as modify or eliminate services, content and access to and/or conditions of the website.

6.- The intellectual property rights of the website content, and its graphic design and typefaces are the sole property of Quintas Energy and therefore reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation of any kind are expressly prohibited. Likewise, all commercial names, brands or images of any kind contained in the Quintas Energy website are protected under the law.

7.- With regards to product references and third-party services, Quintas Energy recognises, in favour of its owners, the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights; without implying by any mention or inclusion thereof in its website the existence of any rights or responsibilities on the part of Quintas Energy with respect to the aforementioned references and services.