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It's time to revamp older sites

Our team has a solid track record of assessing older PV plants and putting together a detailed and accurate revamping plan to help your older installations perform optimally again.


Some of the older PV plants are now facing performance and availability issues due to poor design or lack of maintenance over the years. Finding spare parts or replacement equipment is often time-consuming, expensive, or simply impossible.
During any revamping project, we always conduct a 360º analysis before defining the technical strategy. This involves analysing the historical performance, onsite inspections and a complete technical, planning and financial assessment.

Make your older installations perform optimally again

We conduct a 360º analysis before defining the revamping strategy for our clients' projects. This involves assessing the historical performance of a solar site, onsite inspections, and a complete technical, planning, and financial assessment. All our conclusions will be shared with your teams in extensive Revamping Reports, so you get experienced technical, legal, and financial guidance to support your decision-making.
4mm-001-Revamping Report


Components Selection Our extensive database allows us to recommend and select the best components compatible with your current configuration.
On-site Supervision Our teams can supervise the partial replacement, removal, or reinstallation of modules or inverters at your sites.
System Adjustments We also carry out a thorough analysis of the overall configuration of sites and highlight opportunities to enhance your current arrangement.


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