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Specialist Financial Services

Our committed team of financial professionals understands renewables – with extensive experience of every financial requirement concerning renewable projects. That’s why we know that sometimes more specialist financial services are needed to assure success.



Going above and beyond is part of how we do business, and our financial services are no exception. We understand that complexity is built into renewable projects, and financial and commercial services must be poised to provide the specialist support needed for the best outcome. Whatever your project’s financial requirements, we have the right services for you.

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Are you thinking of investing in a renewables project, and you want to be sure it will be profitable? To ensure this you need full confidence in the team providing financial services. You need to know that financing will run smoothly, with no pitfalls on the path from development to operations. Our experts bring all this to the table, with a proven track record of superlative commercial management in Spain, Italy, and the UK.


We offer complete support implementing the appropriate International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We oversee the conversion of national accounting practices into IFRS Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).


Do you wish to combine two or more companies, but don’t know where to begin? We guide you through the entire process, designing and implementing all necessary adjustments and dissolutions to make your consolidation a success.

Financial Controlling

We assist our clients with analysis of the monthly closing, reviewing financial statements and commenting on the most significant deviations from the Budget. We identify any possible problems and propose solutions, analyse cash flow, and keep the client up to date regarding all regulatory changes affecting the energy sector.

Statutory Financial Statements

Complying with the various commercial deadlines involved in preparing, approving, and filing Statutory Financial Statements can be a real headache. At Quintas we provide you with everything you need to achieve full compliance on the correct timescale – whether individual or consolidated Statutory Financial Statements..

Cash Flow Forecast

Quintas assists clients in preparing estimates of incoming and outgoing funds, in both the short and long term, updating reports regularly at whatever frequency is required.

Financial Due Diligence

Ahead of the acquisition or sale of SPVs, we carry out an exhaustive analysis, ensuring that our clients have all the information they need concerning the financial viability of the project and its potential profitability.

Financing Models

Quintas helps update your financial model to estimate future cash flows, financing requirements, valuation, the viability of acquisitions and the development of new assets.

Refinancing and Restructuring Operations

Whether you require a new repayment structure for an existing loan, or wish to negotiate a new agreement, we accompany you throughout the process, analysing potential financing of new projects and devising a plan.

Business Plan Development for Refinancing and Investment

When writing a business plan aimed at refinancing or securing fresh capital, our support will ensure you clearly demonstrate your project’s financial strengths and likely revenue.

Valuation Models

We thoroughly analyse the value of a company's assets using a rigorous financial model previously endorsed by our experts.

Loan Compliance

We keep project financing on track, ensuring careful management of all covenants and reporting obligations. Our compliance team manages payments and distributions under the loan agreement, prepares reports, creates and amends loan agreement documents, and submits compliance certificates to the lender.

Commercial Operation Date (COD)

Quintas identifies and details the necessary documentation as per the Facility Agreement’s requirements, coordinating the delivery of documents to the financial project’s key advisors. This assists the company in reaching the essential COD milestone at the end of construction.

Hedging Support

Utilising sound risk management strategies, we evaluate the financial product designated in the financing agreement, verifying that it complies with the required coverage. In the event of deviations, we provide support for the modification, partial or total cancellation of the derivative instrument.

Construction Budget Support, Management, or Reporting

Whatever your requirements, our experts will support you. We monitor construction budgets to keep revenue and expenses within acceptable parameters, producing comprehensive reports when needed.

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Keep your renewable project financing on track with expert loan supervision, ensuring careful management of all covenants and reporting obligations for any market. You will never miss a payment or other commitment with the support of our dedicated finance team, experts in managing payments and distributions under the loan agreement, preparing performance and operational reports, creating and amending loan agreement documents, and submitting compliance certificates to the lender.


With such a comprehensive range of advanced financial solutions and services, at Quintas we are convinced that our financial team has everything necessary for your renewable project to succeed.

Personal Attention

Just like the financial giants, we have services to suit every need, years of experience providing them, and the expert professionals needed for delivery. However, at Quintas you can be confident that your project’s specific needs won’t be lost in the machine. We pride ourselves on working directly with the client to ensure they get exactly what they require, at every stage.

Working Closely Together

Our different specialist teams consult each other, with the constant objective of getting maximum value for our clients. Our financial team is never far from our legal, technical, analytical, and engineering experts, keeping us up to date and our focus firmly on optimising renewable investments.

Commitment and Care

We care deeply about everything that we do. Our business objectives all comprise our overall mission, to advance the energy transition by deploying investment and expertise in clean technology assets and new models of energy generation. For the client, this translates into a dedication to providing them with the highest possible professional standards.

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