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Asset Management Policy - background

Asset Management Policy


Please, download the current version of our Asset Management Policy. Historical versions of our Asset Management Policy are available on request.


The purpose of this Asset Management policy is to demonstrate Quintas Energy’s commitment to providing asset management and specialist technical and data service to investors in the renewable energy sector.

We will fulfil these obligations by adopting asset management as a key discipline in optimising the value that Quintas Energy and its clients receive from their assets. Quintas Energy will understand, manage, and improve the asset portfolio through its whole asset lifecycle using recognised best practice.

Quintas Energy is committed to:

  1. Managing the assets under its control through an Asset management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 55001;
  2. Creating Strategic Objectives that are aligned to our stakeholder’s requirements and our Corporate Objectives;
  3. Defining desired levels of performance for its asset management activities;
  4. Working in collaboration with the assets’ suppliers, in order to ensure conformance of obligations is achieved;
  5. Comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory obligations;
  6. Base Asset Management decisions on risk, performance, and cost of the assets under control;
  7. Reporting on the Asset Management performance through documented analysis, regular meetings and access to our Asset Information System;
  8. Providing an environment that promotes continual improvement of our staff (internal and external), asset management processes and our Asset Management System;
  9. Managing and developing our asset database to ensure informed decision making;
  10. Defining the roles, responsibilities and authorities that empower our staff to make correct decisions supported by quality processes;
  11. Ensuring the competence of our staff through the identification of appropriate training;
  12. Carrying out all asset planning activities in line with our Strategic Objectives; and
  13. Making all of its relevant stakeholders aware of:
    • Quintas Energy´s Asset Management System; and
    • Their obligations to achieving our objectives.

The policy applies to all internal and external stakeholders that are involved with any of Quintas Energy’s asset management activities. Copies of this policy will be readily available to all appropriate stakeholders as determined by Quintas Energy.

This policy will be reviewed annually.