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QX - 09 Case of Study

Calculate Operator Incident Resolution Time to Detect Breaches of Contract

Asset Management
Contractual Guarantees
Operator Control

This case study highlights the successful implementation of an automated solution to calculate the resolution time of inverter unavailability problems in a portfolio of 60 PV assets in Spain, operated by six different operators. The automated solution compares the resolution time with the limits established in each operation and maintenance contract, and automatically notifies the on-site operator when it comes close to exceeding the established resolution time. This automation enabled the management team to save time when analysing unavailability issues, gain an accurate view of contractual breaches and focus efforts on issues that have a relevant impact at portfolio level.


The portfolio owner, consisting of 60 PV assets with an average capacity of 5MW in Spain, faced challenges in managing inverter unavailability issues due to the multiplicity of operators and operation and maintenance contracts.


The owner faced the following challenges:

  • Wide Variety of Contracts: Each operator had operation and maintenance contracts with different resolution time limits.
  • Manual Compliance Management: Manually assessing compliance with resolution times with a portfolio of this magnitude was 
    highly time consuming and prone to error.
  • Strategic Focus: It was difficult to identify which unavailability issues had a significant impact on portfolio performance.


Quintas Analytics developed a complete solution to address the above challenges:

  • SCADA Data Collection: The solution automatically collected and processed SCADA data related to inverter unavailability issues.
  • Resolution Time Calculation:  The resolution time for each problem was automatically calculated and compared with the contractual limits.
  • Automatic Notifications: When the resolution time approached the contractual limit, automatic notifications were sent to the operator on-site.
  • Strategic Prioritisation: The management team was able to focus its efforts on issues that had a relevant impact on the portfolio.
QX 09 Case of use - Report


The implementation of the automated solution had a positive impact on the management of inverter unavailability issues:

1. Time Saved:  The automated assessment process eliminated the need for manual analysis and saved significant time.
2. Contractual Compliance: Compliance with the resolution time limits set out in the contracts was ensured.
3. Strategic Focus: The management team was able to concentrate on issues that really affected the performance of the portfolio
4. Improved Relations With Operators: Automatic notifications enabled effective communication with operators on site.


The solution implemented to better manage inverter unavailability issues for a PV portfolio in Spain proved essential for improving operational efficiency and ensuring compliance with operation and maintenance contracts. Automating assessment and notification allowed the management team to focus efforts on strategically important issues, improving profitability and quality of service in the portfolio. This approach can serve as a model for managing similar assets in a diverse operating environment.


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